Integrating conversational artificial intelligence (AI) into your brand’s mobile application allows for quick and frictionless ordering experiences.

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Use Case

With conversational ordering, customers can quickly and conveniently convey exactly what they want to eat and how they want it prepared, and then get on with their day →

Given the rise of mobile apps' role in food purchases, it only makes sense to incorporate conversational ordering into those apps.

Voice search is nearly 3× faster than typing.

Customers’ time is precious, and if they are not able to quickly and efficiently find their favorite food items and make the appropriate modifications, there is an increased chance of cart abandonment.

This is the same reason that most consumers still prefer ordering from humans over kiosks.

They just want to talk with someone, quickly explain their order, and then move on with their lives. Forcing the customer to do the work and assemble their order is tedious and doesn’t always feel like they’re being appreciated.

Valyant makes ordering easy.


Our team of AI experts will incorporate your menu and deliver a unique digital employee that can handle all your customers’ food orders.


We’ll work with your mobile app development team to update the user interface to provide consumers a way to initiate the conversation with the AI.


Valyant will provide a simple application program interface (API) that will allow your mobile app to use our AI to handle conversations.


Your marketing team can custom- tailor the voice, disposition, responses, and up-sell metrics to match your brand’s personality.


That’s it! Your conversational AI technology will be ready to deploy and engage with your customers whenever they want.

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