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Liberate your employees from taking customer calls about food orders, seating and wait times.

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Integrating Valyant’s conversational AI platform into your call-ahead operations guarantees that employees won’t have to waste precious time sitting on the phone.

Our software can answer all incoming calls, answer questions about directions, operating hours, wait times and reservations; but most importantly it can take all customer orders and auto-push them to your POS for payment & fulfillment.

Valyant’s software doesn’t require customers to work through a decision tree, unlike the voice-based phone systems from the previous two decades.

Instead, our patent pending platform allows customers to speak freely using unstructured communication in the exact way they currently do with your employees.

If you’re ready to hand off incoming orders to your own personal AI, simply switch the listed phone number for your restaurant with one provided by our team. We’ll do the rest.

This new process will generate countless hours of savings for your employees, guarantee up-sells on all appropriate orders and ultimately provide a modern and efficient experience for all of your customers.

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